Eco Soy Candles handmade in Almonte ON
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About Our Candles


Every candle we pour is made using a combination of 100% natural soy wax, all natural fragrance oils and an untreated lead-free cotton wick.


Each Campy candle is approximately 7oz with a burn time of 40+ hours. Burn time depends greatly on the environment in which the candle is burned. 

For optimal use, candles should be lit for a minimum of 30 minutes (to get an even pool) and a maximum of about 4 hours. The hotter the wax gets, the faster the candle will burn down. Candles used outdoors or in a drafty space may have a slightly shorter life span than candles burned in a controlled indoor environment.

Soy wax is eco friendly and clean burning. The wax melts at a low temperature and puddles instead of tunnelling when melted so that the entire candle burns to nothing.

Soy wax cleans up with soap and water, so the glass container is washable and reusable.



Each candle comes individually packaged in a recyclable kraft paper box that measures 3" x 3" x 4". Each candles weighs 0.408oz boxed.

Great for gifting!

RETAILERS: The packaging makes them easy to display, stack and sell without exposing them to shop dust! Also, for those customers with scent sensitivities, we find the boxes keep the scents from overpowering your space.